For Sale By Owners Solutions

Ready Set Sold provides homeowners with the necessary tools to sell their home on their own, without a real estate agent.
Our team of personal concierges will help you every step of the way

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Save Money

Sell your home without a real estate agent and save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. We offer you everything you need to sell your home on your own home.

If you get stuck and need answers, our support team is there to help you.

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Best Tools and Technology To Help you

In your dashboard find a toolbox packed with every feature you need to quickly and easily market, attract and sell your home on your own.

We will help you negotiate like a pro.

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No Technical Experience Needed

Ready Set Sold is built so that you can easily sell your home without a real estate agent. Simply enter your properties information, upload photos and customize your design.

We help you look good on every device and on print.

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The For Sale By Owner Solution

Selling your home can be a challenge. However, we are offering you an easy-to-use platform with access to cutting edge technology, essential marketing tools and high-quality customer service.

The Ready Set Sold Promise

We are marketers and we understand how to engage an online user with an easy-to-navigate website and proper communication. Our objective is simple, to offer homeowners a non-stressful and affordable tool to help you sell your home on your own.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home On Your Own?

Save on real estate commissions, with our DIY for sale by owner solution!